About Us

At Water’s, our team understands the importance of protecting your business. It’s what we hold most dear. That’s why we’ve assembled the strongest network of insurance providers. For partners, this means an ability to create new efficiencies and revenue through the WIN infrastructure. For customers, our team brings more experience to the table than any one provider can offer.

In 2011, we began our journey. That’s when three well established, but independent agencies across New Hampshire and Massachusetts joined forces to build on mutual strengths. With the goal of leveraging strength in numbers, we began to share ideas to maximize client relations, better address accelerated market requirements, and create broader access for customers.

The intent was to establish a business model to better align with like-minded partners. Bringing together our experience, Avery Insurance, Charles River Insurance and G.H. Dunn Insurance Agency combined to help clients WIN.

Our model is simple: Share and combine capabilities to better meet the needs of customers. As a member of WIN, agencies retain full ownership and maintain full commission and profit-sharing percentages – but leverage the resources of partner companies to offer a broader array of services to grow along with customers.

With WIN, partners can achieve professional excellence and build business – competing with agencies of all sizes, focusing on building client relations, and accelerate their business.

For clients and partners – It’s truly a “WIN-WIN”